(🎄EarlyChristmas Sale🎄-48% OFF)Magic Cosmetics Pouch

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(🎄EarlyChristmas Sale🎄-48% OFF)Magic Cosmetics Pouch
(🎄EarlyChristmas Sale🎄-48% OFF)Magic Cosmetics Pouch

(🎄EarlyChristmas Sale🎄-48% OFF)Magic Cosmetics Pouch

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As a Christmas/Birthday gift for your loved ones, this Magic Cosmetics Pouch will be perfect!

Product Description:

When traveling, it is normal to struggle in packing all your stuff — clothes, footwear, gadgets, and, of course, makeup (especially for women). While there are some tricks on how to have your suitcase organized when you travel (like rolling your clothes), it seems quite challenging to keep all your cosmetic items in one place. With our NiftyStorage™ Drawstring Makeup Storage Bag it makes it easier for you to pack (and unpack) your cosmetics in just a few seconds!

This awesome drawstring makeup compartment is excellent when it comes to durability and design. As a matter of fact, it is made from high-grade soft materials and comes in a range of stylish designs.

With NiftyStorage™ Drawstring Makeup Storage Bag, you will never have to deal with digging and dumping in your bag to get your cosmetics as it keeps your makeup, brushes and other cosmetics in one place.

In addition, water can be prevented from getting in contact with your cosmetics thanks to its waterproof design.

  • Makes packing and unpacking your cosmetics easier
  • It has wide compartment coverage
  • Perfect for organizing personal, household, and travel items
  • Portable, foldable, lightweight
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to wash

How to Use:

Step 1: Put all your makeup on the drawstring bag.

Step 2: Pull the drawstring cord.

Step 3: Once the bag is completely closed, seal and convert it into a clutch.


Material: Oxford Cloth

Type: Makeup Storage Bag

Weight: 0.24lb.

Size: (Unfolded) 53cm/29.5in

(Folded) 22cm/8.6in * 15cm/5.9in


1 x Drawstring Makeup Storage Bag

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