🔥50% OFF Home adhesive ball pulley universal wheel🔥.

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🔥50% OFF Home adhesive ball pulley universal wheel🔥.
🔥50% OFF Home adhesive ball pulley universal wheel🔥.


🔥50% OFF Home adhesive ball pulley universal wheel🔥.


  • Type:Rubber ball, steel ball
  • Materials:ABS+Rubber
  • Product Size(L x W x H):4.5 x 2.8 x 1.4CM
  • Color:White

Package Contents:

  • Paste Type Universal Pulley × 4


From storage cabinets to laundry baskets, small , etc., after adding a 360º storage box fixed wheel set, anything can be moved easily. Just peel and paste.

The adhesive forms a strong bond, so even if the wheel rotates 360°, the wheel can remain in place for smooth movement in corners and narrow spaces.

Main Features

[360-degree Free Rotation] Ball-type paste pulley, can slide to any angle, not limited, completely silent when used. Suitable for makeup storage, kitchen, tabletop, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and flower shelf storage.

[Good Load-bearing Capacity] The roller stand is mainly made of high-quality ABS material, which is firm and wear-resistant, with long service life. It can easily move heavy objects without pressure.

[Effective Labor-saving] Just paste the universal wheel on the bottom of the box, and the heavy box can be easily moved! Suitable for moving and cleaning, it can be applied to various types and sizes of storage boxes and packing boxes.

[Easy To Use] All you need to do is attach the seamless adhesive to the pulley and place the pulley on the bottom of the box for 24 hours to use it. Smooth pulley let heavy objects is no longer a worry!


  • 360º scroll.These 360º rotating wheels are placed at the bottom of the storage box, allowing them to move more in a labor-saving and convenient way.
  • Strong adhesion.After leaving the stickers for 24 hours, they can be rotated and can be used for life.
  • Smooth movement.The roller will move smoothly in all directions without making noise or scratches/marks on the floor.
  • Heavy burden.The capacity of the four packs is 8KG, which can easily complete the heavy work.
  • High quality.Made of high-quality ABS and materials, wear-resistant and durable.
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