3D Wall Edging Strip

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3D Wall Edging Strip
3D Wall Edging Strip

3D Wall Edging Strip


Create a bold statement for your home remodeling project with the Self-Adhesive 3D Wall Edging Strip! Whether you use it for hiding joints, gaps, and other imperfections or as a striking accent against dark-colored walls, the strip will definitely make a valuable addition to your home’s aesthetics.

This will blend seamlessly and transform any room into a refined level of style. With a simple peel and stick installation, this wall border will allow you to add more charm to your walls with ease.

Multi-Function: suitable for background wall, wall fence, skirting, balcony decoration, background frame, door frame and window sill decoration, wall repair, etc.

3D Embossing: The 3D Wall Edging Strip embossing process creates a visually tactile texture.

Comes With Adhesive: Soft and elastic, durable, waterproof and oil resistant, easy to disassemble.

Soft PE Foam: Scissors and woodworking tools can be installed, anti-corrosion, insect-proof, flame-retardant, durable, more resistant to acid and alkali than iron. Children play more safely.

Product Features:

  • The 3D embossing process creates a visually tactile texture that can spruce up any room in an instant.
  • It gives a stylish detail to a room and will provide an exciting new look for your walls.
  • Just peel and stick to take a room’s style and appearance to the next level. It has a strong bond that stays adhered to smooth surfaces.
  • The strip is washable, so you can always ensure the perfect look of your walls because it can easily be cleaned.
  • Suitable to use on walls, doors, windows, stairs, ceilings, and more.
  • This product is made from a non-toxic, environment-friendly, durable, and corrosion-resistant material.
  • 235cm x 8cm Long,take the appropriate length depending on the application.

Product Details:
Material: PE Foam + PVC
Size: 235cm x 8cm
Color: White, White Oak, Yellow Marble, Granite, Black and Gold, Black and White Marble, Red Jade, Red Peachwood, China Fir.

Package Includes:
1x 3D Wall Edging Strip