BumpBump™ Butt Whitening Mask

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BumpBump™ Butt Whitening Mask
BumpBump™ Butt Whitening Mask

BumpBump™ Butt Whitening Mask


Our BumpBump™ Butt Whitening Mask is an innovative butt savior that helps whitening sweat mark, removing acne, whiteheads and blackheads on your butt. Also a great way to lift and plump up the peaches!

effective but non-invasive way to help whitening dark marks on thigh and butt, also eliminating cellulite.

Rich in hydrating nutrients to lighten up the dark area on butt or thigh by breaking down the melanin and promoting new skin cells formation. Also a nice solution to get rid of cellulite on your body!

Unclogs pores and cure skin problems like acne, blackheads and whiteheads effectively, make it smooth and silky.

Helps shaping up your booty to its perfect perkiness, lifting them up and no more sagginess.

Made with safe-to-use ingredients which help to nourish and moisturize the butt in the most natural way, also to let you have no more worries while using it.

 Super easy to use – just place it on your peaches and wait for 20 mins – fresh and juicy peaches are here!


Ingredients: Hydraulic Acid, Glycerin, Rose Oil, Collagen

Weight: 80g


1x BumpBump™ Butt Whitening Mask OR

2x BumpBump™ Butt Whitening Mask

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