(CHRISTMAS PRE SALE – 50% OFF) Toy Foam Pogo Jumper

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(CHRISTMAS PRE SALE - 50% OFF) Toy Foam Pogo Jumper
(CHRISTMAS PRE SALE – 50% OFF) Toy Foam Pogo Jumper

(CHRISTMAS PRE SALE – 50% OFF) Toy Foam Pogo Jumper

The Toy Foam Pogo Jumper fascinated me. Kids will love it.😍

Children need such toys to keep them away from electronic products.

Increase the time to communicate with children through parent-child games.



Use anywhere: We’ve designed our kids jumper for indoor and outdoor use, and unlike inferior jumping toys, this pogo jumper for kids is made to last! A great boys or girls toy for ages 3 and up

Train balance: Pogo sticks make great active toys for kids because they help train hand eye coordination, balance, and gross motor skills; Give your kid a headstart in life with a toddler pogo stick

Healthy: Get your kid off the sofa with a jumping toy that encourages fitness; Our bungee jumper is a foam pogo stick that promotes healthy activity whilst being incredible bouncy boing fun
Made From a soft Durable Foam Base,
 a Strong Stretchy bungee and Comfortable Foam Handles.
Easy to carry! Packed by Beautifull Zip Up Storage Bag with handles. Meets all CPSC Safety Standards. We Offer 30-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Size: 11.54 x 8.46 x 6.81 inches


  • 1 x Toy Foam Pogo Jumper
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