DoubleEyelid™ Invisible Waterproof Stickers

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DoubleEyelid™ Invisible Waterproof Stickers
DoubleEyelid™ Invisible Waterproof Stickers

DoubleEyelid™ Invisible Waterproof Stickers

Create clear-line double eyelids instantly with this DoubleEyelid™ Invisible Waterproof Stickers!

These eyelid stickers provide instant double eyelids and adds perfect depth to the eye crease. It is a non-surgical solution to mono-eyelids, droopy and hooded eyes.

It rejuvenates and revitalizes natural eye lines and folds, creating an immediate youthful eyes effect. With its refined lace design, the tape itself is near invisible – easily retained and concealed by regular makeup.

Its refined lace design seamlessly blends with any skin tone for a completely invisible look.


You can even apply makeup on it! Enjoy them all day long as its long-lasting adhesion is waterproof and swear-proof.



  • Instant Double Eyelids. Eyelid Sticker is the instant, non-surgical eye lift designed to quickly and easily lift sagging, drooping eyelids, mono eyelid to a double youthful shape.


  • Invisible Wear. Its refined lace design, it seamlessly blends with any skin tone for a completely invisible look. Use it over or under any makeup without ruining your look.

  • All Day Wearing. It’s Waterproof, sweat proof, Oil proof with long lasting adhesion for an all-day perfect eyelid!

  • Safe to Use. Made from medical grade material, it is very unlikely for any allergic reactions to occur and safe to wear all day long/ every day.

  • Easy Application. Simply wet it on and carefully stick it to your eyelids, and you’ll have perfect eyelids every time!


  • Multi-Piece SetComes in a big set of multiple eyelid stickers, including applicators and a spray bottle.


  • Material: Medical Grade Plastic


Product Includes

  • 1 (120pcs)/ 2 (240pcs) box set x DoubleEyelid™ Invisible Waterproof Stickers
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