Electric Chicken Hair Duster

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Electric Chicken Hair Duster
Electric Chicken Hair Duster

Electric Chicken Hair Duster

It’s dangerous to stand on high ground and clean up!
The ash that falls when cleaning makes us cough?
Washing rags repeatedly is dirty and tiring?

💪🏻💪🏻The solution to these problems is simple, use our electric chicken duster!
Clean dust quickly and without strain!

Quick surface dust cleaning
Electric mode, you only need to move the position to remove the surface dust. More efficient and less time consuming than manual cleaning!

Clean deeper and absorb dust
The product’s brushes quickly absorb dust without stirring up large areas of dust. Holds dust firmly on the bristles. The brushes are made up of thousands of fine bristles and are able to sweep the object many times.The material is soft and will not scratch the surface of the item.The rotating wheel is fast and can rotate about 8 times a second to clean the same location many times over.

Wide range of application 、stretchable and safety
You can clean furniture, air conditioners, ceilings, windows, floor, beds, etc.With its own retractable extension pole,no need to stand tall to deal with ceilings and chandeliers that you can’t touch.

Long-lasting battery life
4 No. 5 batteries can last for 2-5 hours with a chicken feather duster, enough like house cleaning is complete.

Simple to use, easy to save effort
One key switch design, without the use of excessive force to clean the room, the elderly and children can be used.Especially for people who have suffered hand injuries and cannot do heavy work, this electric chicken feather duster is very suitable.


Install four No. 5 batteries to start using (Product does not include batteries), with a free extension pole、connector and brush head. Note: small brush head can only be installed in the extension catch, large brush head directly installed in the host can be used.

Package includes: host, extension pole, connector, brush (large and small)(4 No. 5 batteries not included)

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