FlexWarm – Self Heating Thermal Scarf

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FlexWarm - Self Heating Thermal Scarf
FlexWarm – Self Heating Thermal Scarf

FlexWarm – Self Heating Thermal Scarf

Bundle up and keep out the draft with FlexWarm – Self Heating Thermal Scarf!

3 Mode Scarf
This heated neck wrap’s temperature can be adjusted to 107°F(Blue Mode)/118°F(Orange Mode)/131°F(Red Mode)!

Intelligent Thermostat & USB Electric Charging
Through innovative carbon fiber nano-film, combined with temperature sensor, this power management system forms a new heating method, which can achieve faster, accurate, more uniform heating & zero overheating!

Press the switch for 3 seconds, you can feel the warmth of the temperature spread in the neck, enhancing blood circulation! Perfect for sore neck muscles!

This is a TSA Certified 5V 4W heated scarf,& can be used for 4-7 hours! Definitely perfect for traveling!

Soft & Lightweight
Only 0.8 pounds, it is filled with Dupont cotton that’s super soft & lightweight comfortable to wear! What’s more, it has a strong heat storage performance!

Easy to Use & Easier to Clean
It features a magnetic snap-on lock! Just wrap it around your neck & easily stick both ends together! No need for complicated wrappings!

It’s stain & waterproof!  Easily handwash or machine wash! Just take out the battery before washing.

Get this self-warming wrap that’s made for comfort & style NOW!


Material: Waterproof Cotton Outer Cover + DuPont cotton Filling

Color: Red, Pink, Multi-Color Blue, Grey, Beige, Dark Blue, Black, Multi-Color Black

Package Inclusion/s: 1 PC FlexWarm – Self Heating Thermal Scarf

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