GeoFishing Pro Fishing Sunglasses

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GeoFishing Pro Fishing Sunglasses
GeoFishing Pro Fishing Sunglasses

GeoFishing Pro Fishing Sunglasses

  • HD Polarized Lenses: Reflects glare so you can see DEEPER into the water.
  • 100% UV 400 Protection: Keeps your eyes safe from sun damage.
  • Wraparound Frames: Lets less light in your peripheral vision.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Reduces eye strain and increases clarity.
  • Feather-light Frames: So you feel like you aren’t wearing anything.

Also works perfect when driving at night or into a dark environment, the lenses are light-colored to enhance visibility while effectively reducing the glare. During the daytime, they can effectively filter the strong UV light, enhancing vision.


Our lenses provide optically correct vision, ensuring 100% clear views. Normally, light is distorted when it goes through lenses. We fixed this by adjusting the lens thickness, so now you’ll have no issue spotting fish clearly.


We use the best polar technology on the planet, ensuring optimum performance and superb sun protection. Our lenses are all polarized to provide users with enhanced vision through the elimination of unwanted and harmful glare.


Made from polycarbonate, these lenses are shatter-proof to protect your eyes from potential danger. These sunglasses will keep your eyes safe while you’re out on the water so you can direct your focus to what’s important; fishing.

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