High Temperature Resistant Aluminum Foil Tape

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High Temperature Resistant Aluminum Foil Tape

High Temperature Resistant Aluminum Foil Tape

Supreme performance in resistance to flame, steam, humidity, ultraviolet (UV), weather, chemicals, cold, heat, oil, smoke, etc. With strong acrylic butyl adhesive and extra sheet thickness. HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANT ALUMINUM FOIL TAPE Tape remains high in stability and strength for long-lasting support, highly efficient cooling and heating with operating temperatures of -13.0 ° F to 374.0 °F.

  • High & Low Temperature Resistant – Capable of withstanding up to 374.0 ° F and maintaining viscosity at low temperatures of -13.0 ° F. Excellent folding resistance and toughness, excellent gas barrier, surface metallic luster, high light reflectivity, radiation resistance, waterproof, tearing, good tensile strength.

  • Strong Adhesive The coated acrylic adhesive is extremely strong, but easy to remove without residue, cut, tear and peel off. Pressure sensitive black + silver aluminum foil tape allows to fit wavy or uneven corners and joints. Very high adhesion for plastic, ceramic, concrete, copper / brass and other metals.
  • High Quality Material Flame Retardant, Fire-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, UV resistant. Pure aluminum surface, can effectively flame retardant and anti-corrosion, the smooth pure aluminum film has better sun protection and cooling effect.

  • Widely Used  Aluminum foil tape is widely used in the sealing connection of kitchen and sanitary flue. It can also be used for plastic pots, enamel pot lamp cracks, high temperature resistance, according to refrigeration, reflection occasions, encapsulation and other functions.



Size (width*length*thickness): 5cm*20m*0.06mm, 5cm*50m*0.06mm, 5cm*20m*0.1mm, 5cm*50m*0.1mm

Material: Aluminum

Package Included:
1 x High Temperature Resistant Aluminum Foil Tape

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