Lunch Box Shoopati®

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Lunch Box Shoopati®
Lunch Box Shoopati®

Lunch Box Shoopati®

Reach your healthy goals in a stylish way!

Going somewhere? Prefer to carry lunch to work? Keep it in a safe environment, do not risk any exposure to bacteria. Bringing your own meal makes sure you do not contaminate your environment and your environment do not contaminates you or your food.

If you like to eat your food hot and fresh, even hours after it was cooked, then you should own this Lunch Box Lilije® Thermal Lunch Box. It can be difficult to maintain your willpower when resisting all the junk food around you. But the best way to ensure that you eat healthy food is to have it ready when you need it! Especially with the beautiful Lunch Box Shoopati® that also works as a good conversation starter during lunch!

Our Premium Lunch Box Shoopati® helps you to achieve the goals of your diet. Because this lunch box is super cute, we will tell you that you will be motivated to take your lunch with you every day, even if it’s a day off!

Did we mention that it would also help you to save money? You no longer need to order expensive requests!

  • Multi-layer design. Use different layers depending on how much food you need today.
  • Waterproof. Each layer is airtight and can transport liquid food.
  • Thermal benefits. The double-walled vacuum insulation ensures that your food stays hot for 2-3 hours and cold for 4 hours. Food can be added and kept warm and cold at different levels!
  • Built to last. Made from 100% BPA-free stainless steel – healthy, durable and easy to clean.
  • Perfect gift idea! The best for Christmas, birthdays, housewarming of other special occasions.
  • Good conversation starter!

How to use and maintain:

After each use, clean all parts with a mildly diluted detergent, a soft cloth and warm water. Dry with a soft sponge, cloth or brush. Store in a dry, cool place

Do not put the stainless steel layers in the microwave. Instead, you can safely place the metal-free layers in the microwave. To prevent damage, do not clean with bleach, chlorine or steel sponge. Do not cover the lid immediately after filling the hot liquid, but leave it open for 30 seconds.


2 layers: capacity – 40 oz (1200 ml)

2 layers: height – 9 “(23 cm)

3 layers: capacity – 56 oz (1650 ml)

3 layers: height – 12 “(30 cm)

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