MediBeauty™ Lymph Active Massage Arm Sleeve

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MediBeauty™ Lymph Active Massage Arm Sleeve
MediBeauty™ Lymph Active Massage Arm Sleeve

MediBeauty™ Lymph Active Massage Arm Sleeve

Goodbye to Flabby arms & Bra Fat!
❤Let the Sleeve Gives You A Pleasant Lymphatic Drainage Massage❤

Look striking while doing your body good in this ultra comfortable next generation MediBeauty™ Compression Sleeve. Get rid your body of excess fluid by boosting micro circulation in the endless network of lymphatic and venous capillaries which lie just beneath the outer skin layer.
Medical Class 25/30 mmHg Compression.  Lighter graduated compression helps venous return and lymphatic drainage, treats lymphedema, upper arm cellulitis, swelling.
Boosting Blood Circulation, Promotes Lymphatic Drainage. Alleviates the lymphedema discomfort of the upper stage on big arms sizes. Detoxify the lymphatic system to help speed the regeneration of tissues & cells.
Micro-massaging long to the wrists, and back jointed for a perfect fit without sliding down!  By putting pressure on the arm, it keeps lymph flowing through the lymphatic system.
Relieves Muscle Tension & Anti-Swelling. Relieve muscle tension and support the immune system keeping you healthy and energized.
Breathable 3D Wave Fabric. Ensures a healthy and protected skin from unpleasant odors
Material: 80% Nylon and 20& Spandex
Size: Medium/ Large
1 x MediBeauty™ Lymph Active Massage Arm Sleeve
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