New Concept Negative Ionic Hair Dryer

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New Concept Negative Ionic Hair Dryer
New Concept Negative Ionic Hair Dryer

New Concept Negative Ionic Hair Dryer

Light luxury and beautiful quality debut

Continuation of the classic T-shaped center structure, fashionable, noble, and elegant

Face value, merger, safety, low radiation, high-tech.


High-speed turbine motor

Special silent air duct design

Noise reduction salon-level large air volume

Doesn’t depend on temperature to dry, strong wind and quick drying for more hair care

Ten million nanometer magnetic energy jet chip

Imported nanomagnetic energy jet chip, which can last Stable synthesis and ejection of nano ions.

Collagen protective film improves hair gloss

Repair burns and damage, improve hair quality, hair loss, and natural curls Adjust a protective film for damaged hair to make the hair back to black and shiny

Where the wind blows is the essence

No need for any essential oils to improve hair quality

Using tens of millions of nanometer magnetic energy ions and collagen nourishment Nourish and repair strong hair roots while repairing damaged hairLow electromagnetic radiation is responsible for health

Radiation protection device for babies and pregnant women

Long-term exposure to radiation will cause discomfort to the human body, which can cause different degrees of damage to the human body, leading to the occurrence of various diseases

Voltage: AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Power: 700W
Motor speed: the maximum speed can reach 28000
Equipped with a nozzle
Three-speed cold and hot wind speed adjustment
PVC power cord: 2×1.25 mm2, total length 2.2M
Size: 32X10X24 cm

Package Include:

1 X New Concept Negative Ionic Hair Dryer

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