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eat up your car this winter season without draining your battery! It’s always essential to keep warm during the cold to prevent our bodies from getting permanently damaged. This is the perfect way to conserve energy while keeping the heat on!

Did you know that the average temperature falls at 0.7 degrees Celsius? (33.2 degrees Fahrenheit) That’s just a little above freezing point!

Don’t damage your body because your car battery can’t handle it… chooseOmnito power up your heater! It’s efficient, it works, and it will keep you warm during the cold winter.

Features & Benefits

Efficient Energy Control

Your default car heater might cause your battery to drain faster than you think. Prevent that with the efficient energy savingOmni Power Car Heater.Built with a smart chip to regulate and use the battery of your car efficiently while heating the car enough.

Whole Car Heating

Do you hate it when the heat doesn’t reach the back of your car? Not with this. It regulates the heat evenly throughout your whole car. Feel the warmth all the way at the backseat.

Easy Rotation

The mounted heater is also easily rotatable if you need to heat up your windshield to prevent fogging! A really convenient bonus feature.

Properly Insulated

Unlike regular, cheaply made aftermarket heaters, you can get rid of the risk of your device overheating because theOmniis made with professionally designed insulated pads to keep a healthy airflow in the heater to prevent damage.

Easily Mountable

Can easily fit any dashboard in any car. Includes a non-slip base to prevent your heater from sliding all over the place too.

Dual Modes

Can’t take the heat? Simply cool off by switching it from “Heat” to “Fan” and enjoy a nice neutral breeze of wind!

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