Orthopedic Compression Socks – FootMe™

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Orthopedic Compression Socks - FootMe™
Orthopedic Compression Socks – FootMe™

Orthopedic Compression Socks – FootMe™

These Socks Offer Medical Grade Orthopedic Support To Relieve Plantar Pain! 

Do your toes hurt when walking, running, or hiking? Long flights, countless hours at your desk, standing all day long? These compression socks for daily use offer a decreasing pressure curve and has been scientifically proven to provide medical-grade orthopedic support.

FootMe™ is designed to relieve plantar pain, properly separate the toes, prevent swelling and improve blood circulation. Thanks to this sock you can now say goodbye to that painful bunion that ruins your life and take the opportunity to straighten your toes. FootMe™ can be worn directly in a shoe, or under a pair of “normal” socks to limit perspiration and friction.


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relieves plantar pain
  • Properly separates the toes and prevents swelling
  • Soft anti-blocking and antiperspirant material
  • Corrects foot deformities and bunions of the tailor
  • Non-slip


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Thickness: Thin
  • Pattern Type: Solid


  • 2 pairs x Orthopedic Compression Socks – FootMe™
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