Portable Self Training Tennis Trainer


Portable Self Training Tennis Trainer
Portable Self Training Tennis Trainer


Portable Self Training Tennis Trainer

Your Perfect Self Training Tennis Tool!

Become a better tennis player everyday without the need for a training partner, ball machine, wall, or the hassle of chasing balls. Perfect for beginners, too.

Portable Self Training Tennis Trainer

Introducing the Portable Self Training Tennis Set!  It is a practical and a stable training support tool to improve your steps, athletic ability, accurate control, and tennis skills. Become a pro by doing it solo!

Portable Self Training Tennis Trainer

Product Feature / Highlight 


  • Solo Training Device Companion¬†–¬†A great device to practice your strokes, develop a faster swing speed, or simply warm up¬†
  • Ergonomically Designed Feature¬†–¬†To your own comfort and satisfaction,¬†just add sand and water together into the baseboard to increase the base weight for stable support. The built-in threaded hole also makes sure the ball is strong enough without falling off.
  • Compact and Portable¬†–¬†Play in tennis courts, basketball courts, driveways, garages, basements or gyms.¬†Easy to use and convenient for training without picking up a ball, and it is lightweight and portable, helpful for single person practice.
  • Superior Plastic Baseboard Material¬†–¬†The baseboard is guaranteed high quality and is meant to last for you to enjoy and share.
  • Family Fun¬†–¬†Great for family weekends and bring it with your travel getaways. It is also safe for kids.
  • Great Gift¬†–¬†Surprise your loved ones and give them this unique gift that can help them learn how to play tennis or just use as their warm up tools.



Packaging: Single Package

Category: Training Ball

Material:Natural rubber,chemical fiber band and high quality plastic baseboard


Diameter (mm): 63.5-66.7mm

Rubber Band Length:about 3.8 meters

Package Includes

1 x Portable Self Training Tennis Set (Opp Bag)

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