Poultry Farm Automatic Chicken House Door

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Poultry Farm Automatic Chicken House Door
Poultry Farm Automatic Chicken House Door


Poultry Farm Automatic Chicken House Door


The ultimate door for every chicken keeper!Turn your chicken coop into a safe zone!

It can prevent large animals from invading and snatching food from poultry. And it will scare cattle, sheep, and horses& away!


fox,weasel,owl Like to hang out at night The fox is a very clever animal. It likes to sneak into the chicken coop at night, and then kill all the chickens, and leave none of them! So  many farmers bought this  doors that closes automatically at night. It is very efficient to help the farm reduce losses.


  • It happens to all of us, busy people! It only takes once, and there you have it – PREDATORS!
  • We are here to help you with our automated solar sensing chicken door.
  • Upgrade your chicken coop with our door that works on batteries by itself.
  • We use only HIGH-QUALITY BATTERIES that are up for the job for 1 YEAR!
  • smooth operating system will give you freedom and stability with its waterproof and aluminum design.



About this item

PLUG AND PLAY TECHNOLOGY – It takes no more than 5 minutes to install the door (no complicated wiring or cabling).

BATTERY POWERED – Minimum of 1 YEAR battery life that works in all conditions

 AUTO OPEN– Set and go means that your door will work by itself when the sun is up and will go down when the sun goes down.

WORKS IN EXTREME WEATHER – Waterproof ; will work in snow, rain, and dust from -15°F to 140°F (-26°C to 60°C).


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