[PROMO 30% OFF] ArtiCure™ Nail Art Tracing Projector

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[PROMO 30% OFF] ArtiCure™ Nail Art Tracing Projector
[PROMO 30% OFF] ArtiCure™ Nail Art Tracing Projector


[PROMO 30% OFF] ArtiCure™ Nail Art Tracing Projector

Precisely Do Stunning Nail Designs Without Skills With
ArtiCure™  Nail Art Tracing Projector!

Having difficulties when drawing on your nails? With our ArtiCure™  Nail Art Tracing Projector, you can easily unleash your creativity on your nails & flex it to your friends & family with your stunning nail art!


Simply Project, Trace & Paint!
ArtiCure™ is made of HD Clear Optical Reflector Mirror that can projects images clearly & vividly from any of your gadget’s screen to the your nail! You can draw amazing masterpieces on your nail & get satisfying results with it!


Fits ALL Phone & Tablet Sizes!
This tracing projector fits perfectly on any size of gadgets, so you can now trace & draw with no sweat!


Energy-Saving, Lightweight, & Portable
ArtiCure™  Nail Art Tracing Projector requires ZERO power! Cheers to more enjoyable nail art drawing sessions!

Versatile Application
ArtiCure™ works perfectly for detailed design on any surfaces! Use it for your nail art designs, cake designs, tattoo designs & more!


Make Beautiful Nail Art Like A PRO Now!
Get Yours Now!!


Product Material/s: Acrylic Board, ABS Bracket

Product Weight: 135g

Product Size: 20*13*0.15cm

Package Inclusion: 1 pc ArtiCure™  Nail Art Tracing Projector

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