[PROMO 30% OFF] BoatFix™ Sails Repair Tape

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[PROMO 30% OFF] BoatFix™ Sails Repair Tape
[PROMO 30% OFF] BoatFix™ Sails Repair Tape

[PROMO 30% OFF] BoatFix™ Sails Repair Tape

 Effectively Repair Torn Sails In Secs!

Do your sailboat sails have a hole or rip in them? It’ll be a waste of time and effort to sew the ripped sails. Purchasing new sailcloth to replace the ripped one is a costly affair.

With BoatFix™ Sails Repair Tape, you can fix your rips sails immediately!

The No-Sew Solution
BoatFix™ Sails Repair Tape can quickly and easily repair torn sails simply by sticking the repair tape on the torn area. Repairing and prolonging the life of your sail ships is a breeze with this tool! 

Ultra-Durable Material
BoatFix™ Sails Repair Tape is thick, durable, and creates a windtight seal making it a highly effective sail repair tape. It can help you have a safe sailboat journey as BoatFix™ is able to withstand powerful forces of wind.

Windproof & Weather Resistance
BoatFix™ Sails Repair Tape has a strong wind resistance surface and a robust adhesive glue on the underside that stands up to the heat and sun. These sails repair tape creates a weather-resistant, wind-tight patch that may be used to repair a number of things that have been ripped or require strengthening!

How To Use

  1. Measure and cut the amount of tape needed for the repair of torn sails.
  2. Cut a small section of the backing off.
  3. Place the small section of tape (with the exposed sticky underside) on the fabric next to the tear and press it down.
  4. Peel away the rest of the tape backing with one hand as you use the flat side of your other hand to smooth the top of the tape down.

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Material: Collodion

Colors (Options): Black, Transparent .

Size(Options): 10cm & 20cm

Length: 150 cm

Width: 9 cm

Package Inclusion/s: 1PC BoatFix™ Sails Repair Tape

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