[PROMO 30% OFF] Equestrian Training Ball

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[PROMO 30% OFF] Equestrian Training Ball
[PROMO 30% OFF] Equestrian Training Ball

[PROMO 30% OFF] Equestrian Training Ball

Training Ball Designed For Perfect Riding Alignment!

Instantly Achieve Perfect Seat With Equestrian Training Ball!

Equestrian Training Ball is rubber ball around 10cm in diameter. Developed by Eric Franklin, some trainers, and riding physios in the past five years found out it helps to communicate the horse’s movements more clearly to the rider and help improve their seat and body awareness.

Equestrian Training Ball helps riders to improve sensory awareness that connects the brain to the body. This can also help to train the rider’s energy and awareness onto themselves which helps to train focus and improve concentration and decrease the tendency to be swayed or distracted by external influences.


  • Attain Quiet Hands
  • Achieve perfect posture effortlessly
  • Practice efficient movement
  • Embodying the central axis for good alignment
  • Training the core dynamically
  • Improve Seat Alignment
  • Release tension from the neck, shoulders, and lower back

There are 2 use of the Equestrian Training Ball:

1. In the saddle

The Equestrian Training Ball can be used to help release tension in the hip flexors, which in turn allows the leg to drop by an inch or more. Doing a series of these exercises teaches the rider what it feels like when releasing the hip flexor, and how in turn the horse becomes more responsive to the seat and leg.

2. Under the armpit

The Equestrian Training Ball stimulates the fascia (or connective tissue), and muscles in the shoulder area are stimulated and change the feeling of the arms as well as posture. This in turn changes the way the reins are used, the elevation of the upper body and head as well as a positive effect on the breathing of the riders. Because the shoulder area and the legs work in a corresponding manner the Equestrian Training Balls also influence the leg aids. The horses travel forward more willingly and with suppleness.

Instantly Improve Your Awareness and Connection to Your Horse with Equestrian Training Ball!

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MaterialTPR material

Colors: Purple, Pink, Orange

Package Inclusion/s: 1 Set Equestrian Training Balls (2PCs)

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