[PROMO 30%] ShinyCraft™ Resin Top Coat

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[PROMO 30%] ShinyCraft™ Resin Top Coat
[PROMO 30%] ShinyCraft™ Resin Top Coat

[PROMO 30%] ShinyCraft™ Resin Top Coat

Instantly Get Glossy Finish On Resin With ShinyCraft™ Resin Top Coat!

Frosted finish when you demold your resin charms and casting? 

Worries No More! ShinyCraft™ will add a shiny finish to your resin charms with just a spray!  

Easily adds a shiny finish to ALL your resin charms! 

Just spray on the resin surface and you are done! ShinyCraft™ allows you to achieve a mirror-like shine with just simple steps! 

Durability Protective Finish!

ShinyCraft™ will not only adds luster and shine to resin pieces, it will also give your resin projects a layer of protective finish! It is also ideal for fixing small blemishes in cured resin pieces and sealing off surface tackiness on resin castings. It’s perfect for protecting your resin projects from scratches!

Simply Spray To Form Strong Coating!

Spray-on formula enables evenly spray on ANY resin surfaces! Simply apply a couple of light coats to the resin surface and wait dry!

Give Your Resin A Perfect Glow With ShinyCraft™ Resin Top Coat!

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Net Content: 30ml, 100ml

Package Inclusion/s: Get 1 pc 30ml ShinyCraft™ Resin Top Coat or Get 1 pc 100ml ShinyCraft™ Resin Top Coat

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