[PROMO 30%OFF] BoatMaster™️ Isinglass Repair Tape

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[PROMO 30%OFF] BoatMaster™️ Isinglass Repair Tape
[PROMO 30%OFF] BoatMaster™️ Isinglass Repair Tape

[PROMO 30%OFF] BoatMaster™️ Isinglass Repair Tape

Instantly Fix Boat Isinglass Cracks With Ease!

When you are rolling up the panel of your boat, you started to notice that the Isinglass starts to crack. This happens when you didn’t properly protect it. No worries!!

By using BoatMaster™️ Isinglass Repair Tape, old cracked isinglass can be repaired quickly and easily by taping the repair tape on the torn area.

Extremely Waterproof 

BoatMaster™️ Isinglass Repair Tape has a strong water resistance surface and a robust adhesive glue on the underside. Makes it perfect for repairing boat isinglass.


Ultra-Durable Material

BoatMaster™️ Isinglass Repair Tape has been extensively boating tested and approved. Hot and cold extreme weather tests included. Its low-profile design makes it hardly feel off!

Permanent Peel and Stick Solution with Proven Durability!

Easy To Use

Steps in using the BoatMaster™️ Isinglass Repair Tape are easy. Simply cut it to the required size, then remove the backing sticker and stick it on the torn surface. Make sure to gently press hard to remove all blisters or bubbles & you’re done!

The Ultimate Tool For Boat Maintenance With BoatMaster™️ Isinglass Repair Tape!

Get Yours Now!!!


Size: 10cm & 20cm

Package Inclusions: 1pc – BoatMaster™️ Isinglass Repair Tape

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