🎁The Magic Butterfly-Pass Happiness(Mother’s Day Sale)

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🎁The Magic Butterfly-Pass Happiness(Mother's Day Sale)
🎁The Magic Butterfly-Pass Happiness(Mother’s Day Sale)

🎁The Magic Butterfly-Pass Happiness(Mother’s Day Sale)


The magic butterfly can be used in many ways. At the wedding, it is better to coordinate the release of multiple magic butterflies and give the bride and groom an exit that they will never forget (that is better than throwing rice to them). If you are in a mischievous mood, please put surprise toys in textbooks or other reading materials for whimsical pranks.
😄The butterfly toy is realistic in appearance and size and is designed in five colors, which can easily attract people’s attention and cultivate children’s practical ability and thinking. You can play with family and friends.
The Magic Butterfly is a memorable way to add a colorful accent to your next gift. Your recipient will open their card or book with a delightful gasp as they’re greeted with a floating friend.
Wrap the elastic band 35 times.
Put it in a card or book or hold it directly in your hand
Open it and watch it fly away in surprise
Can rewind and use repeatedly



Product description
  • Name: Amazing Magic Flying Butterfly
  • Size About: 4.3In * 5.2In
  • Package: Random Color
  • Fast refund>>100% Money Back Guarantee.
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