🎅(Christmas Pre Sale — 50% Off) 2022 AirPro Negative ion air purifier

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🎅(Christmas Pre Sale -- 50% Off) 2022 AirPro Negative ion air purifier
🎅(Christmas Pre Sale — 50% Off) 2022 AirPro Negative ion air purifier

🎅(Christmas Pre Sale — 50% Off) 2022 AirPro Negative ion air purifier

AirPro is 100x more effective than ordinary air purifiers.

“AirPro™ is the first affordable air purifier that removes 0.003 microns, including 99.99% of tested bacteria and viruses.”

Indoor Pollution:

Causes Epidemic Levels of Both Short & Long Term Symptoms

Indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.Short term symptoms: Fatigue, sneezing, wheezing, itching, irritability, runny nose, stomach ache.
Long term risks: Respiratory diseases, heart disease, and high risk of cancer.
AirPro™ is 
backed by rigorous science and third-party testing to bring you pure peace of mind.

AirPro™ is made with strong HEPA and carbon filters that safely sterilizes the air, removes dust and mold particles as small  as 0.1um and protects against viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke and bad odors.

It’s able to do that thanks to its built-in ion-forming technology that can emit 5 million negative ions to the surrounding air.

Revolutionary Filtration Proces

Cleans the air every 12 minutes, or 5 times per hour, at their recommend  ed room sizes.

A renowned researcher, Dr. Broome came up with this device because he has patients suffer from respiratory issues. He first tested this device on his patients’ homes.

They all reported that their homes feel and smell fresher than ever. Most of his patients were even paying him less visits now.

Within a few months, their breathing and respiratory problems seem to have reduced drastically.

Even sneezing , allergic reactions, sinuses and shortness of breath at home have been rare occurrences ever since they started using AirPro™.

See How Peopl Are Breathing Easier With AirPro

Small but mighty purification that’s perfect for guest rooms, kids’ 
bedrooms and home offices.

Remove pollutants in 250 sq. ft. every 12 minutes.

Recommended: 1 unit of  AirPro™

Powerful purification for large rooms in your home, including master bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and more.

Remove pollutants in 500 sq. ft. every 12 minutes.

Recommended: 2 units of  AirPro™

Professional-grade performance for extra large spaces in your home like open concept kitchens and high-ceiling great rooms.

Remove pollutants in extra large spaces up to 750 sq. ft. every 12 minutes.

Recommended: 3  units of AirPro™

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