Adventurous Kids Jelly Sunglasses

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Adventurous Kids Jelly Sunglasses
Adventurous Kids Jelly Sunglasses

Adventurous Kids Jelly Sunglasses

Visible unbreakable sunglasses which protect your kids!
Adventurous Kids Jelly Sunglasses is made with soft silicone which makes it bendable and break-proof. No matter how you twist or break it, it will return to original shape as it made with memory silicone materials.
Our sunglasses is specially designed for outdoor activities in sunny weather for children aged from 0 to 6 years. The anti-UV lenses block 100% of harmful rays in order to protect your child’s sensitive eyes. The lenses are made from durable unbreakable polycarbonate lenses. They are perfectly designed for a kid.

  • Unbreakable – Bendable & Step-proof!
    Made of durable memory silicone materials, they always return to their original position even you twist it or hit it!
    Protect Sensitive Eyes
    Strong TPE plastic Frame is durable & scratch-proof,  your kid’s eyes are 100% protected even when lenses are scratched
  • Anti-UV Lens
    Blocking 100% UV-A & UV-B, protect kids’ sensitive eyes under the sun.
    Polarized Lenses
    Provide protection to eyes,  preventing light glare from hitting you directly.
    Ergonomic Comfort Design
    Lightweight ergonomic design will not cause any burden on kids’ ears.
    Suitable for All Occasions
    Ideal for all outdoor activities, perfect to protect eyes in sunny beach day and snowy day.
  • Cool Parent & Child Accessories
    Stylish design perfect for parent-child outfit!
  • Recommend: Age 1-7
  • Materials: TPE
  • Size: As Shown
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