AutoBall Lifting Cat Toy

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AutoBall Lifting Cat Toy
AutoBall Lifting Cat Toy


AutoBall Lifting Cat Toy

Got bored felines at home?

This AutoBall Lifting Cat Toy plays with your cats while you’re away!

Keep kitty cat busy for HOURS!!!

Designed with Automatic Levers

The ball is automatically lowered and lifted when kitty cat is near!

Smart Motion Sensors

Effectively detects kitty’s playing patterns!

Built Strong & Durable for rough playtime…

Relieves pent-up stress and prevents bad behavior!

Simply clip it on the side of a desk or your kitty’s tower, and then watch ’em play.

No more bored felines when you’re away…

This AutoBall Lifting Cat Toy is guaranteed to keep kitty cat happy and active at all times! Get it NOW!!!


Main Material/s: ABS

Size (Approx.): 3.5cm x 7cm

Weight: About 102 g

Power Source: 2 pcs. AAA Batteries (NOT included)

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. AutoBall Lifting Cat Toy (includes Accessories)

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