Car Air Vent Solid Perfume with Refill Sticks

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Car Air Vent Solid Perfume with Refill Sticks
Car Air Vent Solid Perfume with Refill Sticks

Car Air Vent Solid Perfume with Refill Sticks

  • Car Air Vent Solid Perfume comes to help keep the air fresh in the car, just need a refill scent and help you relieve stress well. Do not block the line of sight. Let you stay away from the unpleasant smell and create a charming atmosphere.


  • Creates A Comfortable Environment
    The custom Car Air Vent Solid Perfume designed a new air vent deflector type that brings you a different visual effect. Add your favorite solid perfume giving you a pleasant mood and slowing down fatigue when you driving.
  • Blends Seamlessly with Your Car
    Our Car Diffuser Vent Clips blend seamlessly with your vehicle’s interior. The vent clip is sturdy and strong, which doesn’t allow for slipping. The rate at which your scent is dispensed is easily adjusted on the diffuser’s end and allows for total control of the strength of your fragrance.

  • Full Scent Customization
    Since everyone has different scent preferences, the car air diffuser has included 4 different scents that absorb and dispense any desired essential oil or perfume allowing for complete power over your vehicle’s smell.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Car Air Vent Solid Perfume is safe for babies as well as pregnant women and has numerous health benefits that can affect your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Widely compatible with small space. Let your favorite scent will always surround you.
  • Long-lasting Refill Stick
    The solid refill stick used advanced nanotechnology for the car diffuser owns a lasting fragrance to purify the air quality inside the car. Give you a long-lasting aroma experience.


  • 50G
  • 1 × Car Air Vent Solid Perfume Diffuser
  • 4 × Refill Stick (Ocean flavor)

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