FluxSolder™ Desoldering Suction Pump


FluxSolder™ Desoldering Suction Pump
FluxSolder™ Desoldering Suction Pump

Easily Desolder In A Snap!

✅ Quickly extracts molten solder without need of pause
✅ Built with durable premium 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum
✅ Easy clean by pressing the plunger to remove solder waste
✅ Easily used with one hand
✅ Flexible tip to reach many uneven or awkward surfaces

Unique and Ergonomic Design

The plunger on the top is within easy reach of the thumb. It is ideal for a one-hand operation in continuous work.

Flexible Heat-Resistant Tip

Press down the nozzle elastically to cover the soldering point entirely. Absorb the melted solder very efficiently with less residue left on the board.

Easily Clean & Maintenance

Self-cleaning shaft works in every stroke of the plunger, which requires easy maintenance.


  • Powerful little solder sucker has powerful suction, you can just hang onto it and use your thumb to reset and suck.
  • Simple design allows easy one-handed use, is lightweight and compact, and sucks the solder away easily.
  • Very sturdy to remove existing solder from a circuit board.
  • Heated up the solder pushed the button and bam, all solder sucked up, super easy to use for desoldering.
  • A must-have excellent solder sucker that fits nicely in your toolbox.

Product Description

Material: Aluminium 
Dimension: ‎
6.02 x 0.79 x 0.79 inches
1.76 ounces
Battery Included: No
Battery Required: No

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