Fridge Storage Divider 4 PCS (🔥50% OFF🔥)

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Fridge Storage Divider 4 PCS (🔥50% OFF🔥)
Fridge Storage Divider 4 PCS (🔥50% OFF🔥)

Fridge Storage Divider 4 PCS (🔥50% OFF🔥)

Use these clear Fridge Storage Divider make your fridge organized and neat and gain much more space.

Main Features

  • Refrigerator Side Door Divider
    Not only can be used in the refrigerator, but also can be used in different places according to the equipment. Just install it on the door cover of the refrigerator to separate it neatly!


  • Space Saver
    Can be used in any container to maximize storage in the pantry, organizes food & keeps it right at your fingertips.


  • Clean And Tidy
    By clamping it in the door pocket of the refrigerator, you can keep it organized and easier to take out the items in the door pocket.


  • Easy To Install
    Only need to slide to adjust the appropriate distance, you can easily set up in different size to suitable for the different little objects. Assemble in seconds, can service for you long time.


  • Wide Application
    Perfect for organizing condiments, vegetables, meats, deli, cheeses, snacks, bagged frozen vegetables, and other food items. Also can be used for storage box for drawers, dresser, cabinet in your home, kitchen, bathroom and office.



Product Weight
  • 60G
Product Size
(L x W x H)
  • 6 x 5 x 0.4cm
Package Contents
  • Fridge Storage Divider × 1 set(4pcs)
  • Fridge Storage Divider × 3 set(12pcs)
  • Fridge Storage Divider × 5 set(20pcs)
  • PP

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