Giant Human Balloon

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Giant Human Balloon

Giant Human Balloon

Giant Human Balloon has the following product features:

Material: Latex
Color: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, White, Red, Orange, Transparent
Diameter: 72 inches (inflated)
Weight: 240 g-260 g

Package Includes: 1 x Giant Human Balloon

If you’re looking for a new kind of extraordinary fun, you won’t be disappointed with Wowelo`s Giant Human Balloon!

This Giant Human Balloon is an absolute boredom-busting craze! It’s made for anyone who wants to be cool, fun, and the kid at heart. You can bounce away all the boredom by yourself or go play with it with your friends for unstoppable laughter and fun!

Giant Human Balloon

This Giant Human Balloon is made of high-quality and durable natural latex. Moreover, this Balloon is great for catching attention from miles away. Most interestingly, our Giant Balloon can be climbed in! It can also be a cheerful decoration when it filled with air or helium. This Balloon is also very suitable for weddings, birthdays, business celebrations, and so on.

Giant Human Balloon

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