GlamGirl™ Press-On Christmas Nails

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GlamGirl™ Press-On Christmas Nails
GlamGirl™ Press-On Christmas Nails

GlamGirl™ Press-On Christmas Nails

Add a festive touch to your nails!!

Our GlamGirl™ Press-On Christmas Nails are sparkling yet sophisticated, turning your fingertips into perfect Christmas coffin nails within minutes!
In the spirit of spreading holiday cheer, it comes with bold and shiny colors in various styles, including Candy Cane Stripes, Santa, Rudolph, Gingerbread Man, etc.
To wear simply prep, peel and press! These easy-to-apply nails from sparkly snowflakes to lovely reindeer designs are essentials for extra-long nail lovers!
With the ComfyHold™ technology of dual-layer adhesive for ultra comfort, the chip resistant designs are waterproof, super thin and flexible for up to 1 month wear. Can be reused up to 5 times with the jelly gel tapes.
The nail patches mimic acrylic, salon gel nails with advanced technology that delivers durable strength with a natural yet stunning look.
1. Clean nails with the wipe and gently file sides for best fit if needed.
2. Apply the jelly gel dual-layer adhesive to the nail.
3. Choose the nail tip you desire.
4. Starting at cuticle press on & hold for 5 seconds.
5. File to desired shape & length.
6. You’re good to go!
1. Use the removal stick to remove the nail tip from the edge.
2. Remove the residues left on the tip.
3. Apply the jelly gel dual-layer adhesive to reuse the tip.
Style: Sparkle Bauble, Christmas Glitter, Santa Baby, Christmas Tree, Gingerbread Man, Cute Rudolph, Candy Cane
24 x GlamGirl™ Press-On Christmas Nails
24 x Jelly Gel Self-Adhesive Tapes
1 x Glue
1 x Nail File
1 x Removal Stick
1 x Cleaning Wipe
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