Instant Skin Tag Removal

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Instant Skin Tag Removal
Instant Skin Tag Removal


Instant Skin Tag Removal

Losing confidence over unwanted spots? Worry no more because the Instant Skin Tag Remover helps remove skin impurities such as warts, acne, scars, moles, and many more!

Don’t worry about having scars after removing warts or acne because not only the Instant Skin Tag Remover removes your skin impurities, but also does not leave unwanted scars!

See quick and safe progress through Instant Skin Tag Remover as early as 2 days! 

Very safe and secure, does not contain harmful chemicals that might damage the skin or leave more unwanted spots.

It is beneficial not just on your face but also on your entire body. The objective of our skin tag removal solution is to make individuals feel and look their best!

Instant Skin Tag Remover is suitable for all ages, even youngsters, who are prone to acne due to their puberty and active lifestyle. Kids can use wart cream as well, as long as they are supervised by an adult.

• Apply the swab on the skin spot you want to be removed.
• This technique can be repeated up to four times each day.
• The liquid may cause the tag to dry out until it comes off.

Dimensions: 3cm x 12cm
Net Weight: 20g
Cream Content: 20g
Package Inclusion: Instant Skin Tag Remover (x1)

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