Magic Circle Wireless Charger

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Magic Circle Wireless Charger
Magic Circle Wireless Charger

Magic Circle Wireless Charger

This is an ultra-thin and fast charging Magical Wireless Phone Charger.

This enchanting Summoning Circle will take wireless charging to the magical realm. It transmutes a smartphone’s flat out battery to full without any cable and lights up in the process like a magic circle. This is definitely the coolest way to charge a phone and will be a perfect gift to an anime lover or a gamer


  • Wireless hands free charger.
  • Compatible with most mobile phones, fast and safe charging.
  • Ultra-thin design, light weight, suitable for home and office use, easy to carry when traveling or traveling.
  • The Perfect Gift- The magical magic wireless charger that will surprise you and your friends.

Package include:

  • 1 wireless charger
  • 1 USB cable