[PROMO 30%] 1Flush+ Toilet Deodorizer

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[PROMO 30%] 1Flush+ Toilet Deodorizer
[PROMO 30%] 1Flush+ Toilet Deodorizer


[PROMO 30%] 1Flush+ Toilet Deodorizer

Just 1 Flush to Freshen & Clean Toilet with this 1Flush+ Toilet Deodorizer!

No More Tiresome Scrubbing!

Thoroughly cleans the dirt on the toilet tank, rim, inner wall, water pipe and other parts without the rigorous scrubbing.

After standing for a few minutes, the micro-holes on the bottle body will release the blue detergent. The toilet is automatically cleaned when flushing.

Kills 99.9% Germs & Bacteria

Kills bacteria and germs in the toilet and the drain, and prevent the bacteria from infecting alternately from the toilet and the toilet drain. Effectively clean the toilet odor and dirt, prevent the toilet from clogging

Long-lasting up to 3 Months

A bottle of bathroom cleaner can be used up to 900 times. Make your toilet sparkling clean without the hassle. Zero urine stains!

Creates Film to Protect Toilet

Toilet bowl cleaner uses active factor cleaning technology that is not bad for the tank, drain pipe and bottom wax seal. Forms a thick lubrication protection on the side walls, preventing the adhesion of urine stains.

Simple to Use

You just need open the package, remove the upper stopper and put it in you toilet tank (away from the outlet/inlet). Then you can enjoy a clean toilet!

No More Dirty Toilets from Now On with 1Flush+ Toilet Deodorizer!


  1. Take out the toilet cleaner, open the cork, and use a scissors to cut and open the water outlet at the sides.
  2. Open the lid of the toilet tank, and place the water outlet of the toilet cleaner with its back to the water tank outlet and sink. Drop straight into the bottom of the water.

Note: Due to the different toilet structures, the speed of draining water and the height of the water level line will have certain differences. During use, if the color of the released detergent is too light, the cut bigger the water outlet and the speed will be increased faster.

:warning: Precautions before use :warning:
– Please store the product in a cool and dry place in a sealed place
– Please keep the product out of the reach of infants to avoid accidents.
– If accidentally get into the eyes or mouth, please wash or drink a lot of water immediately and seek medical attention.


Ingredients: Surfactant

Color: Blue

Net Content: 220g

Shelf Life: 3 years

Package Inclusion: 1pc. 1Flush+ Toilet Deodorizer

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