[PROMO 30%] CalliPRO! Stroke Practice Book Set

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[PROMO 30%] CalliPRO! Stroke Practice Book Set
[PROMO 30%] CalliPRO! Stroke Practice Book Set

[PROMO 30%] CalliPRO! Stroke Practice Book Set

Learn Unique Calligraphy Style Within A Week With CalliPRO! Stroke Practice Book Set!

Create Your Own Calligraphy Style Like A Pro! 


Unlimited Stroke Practice With Just 1 Book!

  • Build consistency for smooth and fancy calligraphy
  • Learn different types of basic calligraphy strokes such as entrance/exit, underturn, overturn, compound curve, oval, etc
  • The included Magic Ballpoint Pen allows unlimited practice which disappears after drying

Basic Strokes with Guidance!

  • Printed stroke guidance allows you to build good muscle memoryExecute various strokes effortlessly!

Custom Your Own Personalized Strokes!

  • Learn when to “lift” your pen after every stroke. Master patience, discipline, and focus when doing intricate letterings.
  • Train proper and steady unique personalized strokes. 
  • Improve from a novice calligraphy artist to a talented professional calligraphy artist

Build A Solid Foundation On Basic Calligraphy!

Get your CalliPRO! Stroke Practice Book Set to master the basic strokes in no time!



Style/sBeginner Stroke Practice Book, Advance Stroke Practice Book

Package Inclusion/s: 1 set CalliPRO! Stroke Practice Book Set & Magic Ballpoint Pen

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