[PROMO 30% OFF] GolfMaster™ Golf Club Alignment Aid

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[PROMO 30% OFF] GolfMaster™ Golf Club Alignment Aid
[PROMO 30% OFF] GolfMaster™ Golf Club Alignment Aid

[PROMO 30% OFF] GolfMaster™ Golf Club Alignment Aid

INSTANTLY have a better grip on your golf club!

Still, experiencing slipping and misaligned grip with your golf club?

No problem! Effectively train strong & precise golf grip in no time! Use this GolfMaster™ Golf Club Alignment Aid!

Boosts your golf experience & fun! No more misaligned golf clubs again!

Easy Peasy Grip Booster

  • Simply attach to your golf club handle and increases grip control and swing stability.
  • Allows you to perform consecutive draw/hook shots with consistency and accuracy.
  • Perfectly eliminate golf slice before swing!

Ergonomic Quality Handle

  • Safe, comfortable, and hypoallergenic golf club grip.
  • The grip is adjustable to your heart’s content. Feel free to find the right adjustment for your hands.
  • Durable and will surely last longer than any other grip attachments.

Universal Stabilizer

  • Fits ALL types of golf clubs.
  • Perfect for both expert and beginner golf players.

Improve your golf skill to the next level! Grab your own GolfMaster™ Golf Club Alignment Aid NOW!!


1. Peel off the rivets on the grip head.
2. Insert the tip of the exercise equipment handle into the end of the grip first.
3. After inserting the tip, use the rivet to close the grip.


MaterialNon-Slip Rubber

Options Available: Standard Version (0.7 CM / 1.3 CM) (Left / Right), Upgraded Version (Right Only)

Package Inclusions: 1 pc. GolfMaster™ Golf Club Alignment Aid

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