[PROMO 30% OFF] Resin Diffraction Film

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[PROMO 30% OFF] Resin Diffraction Film
[PROMO 30% OFF] Resin Diffraction Film

[PROMO 30% OFF] Resin Diffraction Film

  • Easily Create Exquisite DIY Resin with Resin Diffraction Film!

Resin Diffraction Film diffracts the rainbows onto your resin with a simple step and creates a great and fun DIY resin progress.

Easy and convenient to use

Simply pour the resin onto the diffraction film. Once the resin was dry, remove it from the mold, then you will get to see marvelous rainbows under the lights!

Stylish DIY with a striking pattern

With the extraordinary design, Resin Diffraction Film helps the resin to diffract colorful rainbow with visible results while under the sun basks. It brings beautiful and luxuriant resin for your DIY resin.

Premium quality product

Resin Diffraction Film is a colorful PET film that includes high tensile strength, chemical resistance, thermal stability, flatness, clarity, high-temperature resistance, and thermal insulation properties.

Get the Resin Diffraction Film to Have a Pleasantry Experience of your DIY Resin! Grab It Now!!!


Thickness: 0.5mm

Size7CM / 37CM / 47CM / 57CM

ColorBlue / Red

MaterialPET film

Package Inclusion/s: 1pc Resin Diffraction Film

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