StrikeManiac™ Bowling Ball Polish


StrikeManiac™ Bowling Ball Polish
StrikeManiac™ Bowling Ball Polish

Effectively Polish Bowling Ball To Its Natural Shine!

✅Removes Lane oil, dirt, scuff & belt marks
✅Restore the natural tack of a bowling ball
✅Bio-degradable formula
✅Works on ALL types of bowling balls

Improve Your Game!

For superior performance and a long life span, it is important that you maintain your bowling ball with regular cleanings. The StrikeManiac™ Bowling Ball Polish will remove dirt and grime from your ball while restoring the ball’s natural tack to give you consistent ball reaction roll after roll.

StrikeManiac™ Bowling Ball Polish

Perfect For ANY Type of Bowling Ball!

StrikeManiac™ Bowling Ball Polish is safe to use on any type of bowling ball including plastic and urethane balls. It is approved before and after the competition. It keeps the surface tacky and fresh just when you need it most.

StrikeManiac™ Bowling Ball Polish

Effortlessly Polish Bowling Balls!

Apply this StrikeManiac™ Bowling Ball Polish with a piece of a clean towel on the surface of the bowling ball to maintain the surface of the bowling ball scratch-free! Maintaining a clean ball improves reaction ensuring that you throw a perfect hook every time.

StrikeManiac™ Bowling Ball Polish

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