Christmas Tree LED String Lights

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Christmas Tree LED String Lights

Christmas Tree LED String Lights

Decorate your Christmas tree with this light to create the warmest Christmas!

Christmas Tree LED String Lights

Ordinary string lights are such a hassle to hang.  And they’re just that – ordinary. Bulbs burn out and ruin your entire light display on your tree. Spruce up your tree this holiday season with this lights. It’s the easy, festive way to create a spectacular lights show on your Christmas Tree.

3 Light Show Modes:

  • STILL:displays solid or alternating lights in the following colors: red, blue, green, white, candy cane, and rainbow.
  • SHIMMER:makes your tree twinkle with blinking lights in the following colors: red, blue, green, pink/purple, and rainbow.
  • SHOW:scrolling patterns and vertical waves of colorful light in the following patterns: streaming colors, Christmas scroll, multicolor cascade, rainbow fade, and 8-color spin.

Easy to Setup

  1. Place the ring on top of your tree.
  2. Arrange the vertical strands of LED bulbs into the position you desire. 
  3. Plug in Tree Dazzler and watch the show! 
  • LED Christmas Tree String cntroller has different light shou modes-Still, Shimmer, Show
  • Press each mode button multiple times in successiin to choose between the different light colors and patterns showm below:
  • Still: Red/Green/Blue/White/Candy Cane/Rainbow/Yellow / light blue / purple / pink / light green
  • Shimmer: Red/Green/Blue/PinkPurple/Rainbow/Light yellow / light blue /  white / purple / red white
  • Show: Steaming Colors/Christmas Scroll/Muti-Color Cascade/Rainbow/Fade/8 Color Spin/White Blue/White Red Green/Purple Blue/Purple/5 Color Spin/Red White

Input: 120V US Plug,220V EU Plug,230V UK Plug,240V AU Plug

Size: 160cm

Lamplight mode: Stable light/twinkling with changeable colours

Lamplight source type: LED

Quantity of LED beads: 64 LED RGB balls

Package includes: 1 * String Light, 1 * Instruction manual