Finger Expander Pro / 3Pcs

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Finger Expander Pro / 3Pcs
Finger Expander Pro / 3Pcs

Finger Expander Pro / 3Pcs

1.Silicone gripper/ tensioner is made of high quality environmentally friendly silicone. It has the advantages of softness, no cracking, long service life and no irritating skin.

2. At the beginning of exercise, the silicone grip ring is placed in the palm of your hand. The tension of the hand will follow the elasticity of the silicone grip and make a small amount of fist movement. After two or three minutes, the palms and fingers will feel sore. At this time, the five fingers open and stretch outwards. From the fingers to the fingertips, they are fully exercised.

3. The finger trainer is placed on the finger, and the finger is stretched and forced to make a joint movement. After two or three minutes, the finger will feel sore, and at this time, the finger and the fingertip are fully exercised.


Material: environmentally friendly silicone
Tensioner: 7.5*4*1.9 cm /3*1.6*0.7 inch,
finger hole: 1.3 cm/0.5 inch
Grip: 7*1.7 cm / 2.8*0.7 inch

green (grip 30 LBS, pull 6.6 LBS),
blue (grip 40 LBS, pull, 8.8 LBS),
orange (grip 50 LBS, pull 11 LBS)


Silicone material, small and exquisite, easy to carry, enhance the strength of the palm.

Promote the stimulation of the palm of your hand, keep your blood and blood circulation.

Exercise your fingers, promote your brain’s flexibility, and exercise healthier.

Correct the imbalance of individual fingers and strengthen the finger muscles.

Easy to train anywhere, save space again.

Suitable for the elderly, rehabilitation groups, women and so on.

Essential exercise equipment.

Package Included:

3pcs/set * Silicone Finger Puller

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