Thumbs Up Adhesive Hook


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Thumbs Up Adhesive Hook
Thumbs Up Adhesive Hook


Thumbs Up Adhesive Hook


Thumbs Up Adhesive Hook

Keep Things Tidy & Organized

Eliminate the tangled and difficult-to-reach wires that are located near workstations, filing cabinets, televisions, and other similar objects, including TV cables, data cables, headset cables, etc.


This practical silicone thumb hook may be used for a variety of things, including cable management clips, kitchen racks for small goods, toothbrush holders in bathrooms, workplace pen holders, automobile cup holders, plant flower clips, and more. For the kitchen, living area, workplace, or bathroom, it is an essential storage option.

Thumbs Up Adhesive Hook

No Drill Needed

Simple peel-and-stick technology that won’t harm surfaces or walls. Strong stickiness, extended usage, transparency, and ease of tearing off without causing wall damage.

Wide Application

These thumb wall hook have very sticky pads to hold accessories firmly on smooth surfaces such as marble, tables, plastic, wood, glass, metal and rubber, suitable for kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom walls, glass, car, tile, etc.Thumbs Up Adhesive Hook

Unique Design

This creative wall hooks, thumb shape interesting, simple and practical lines, suitable for your desktop, bathroom, room storage. While bringing you convenience, everywhere you give you a deep thumb to encourage you.

How to use:

1. Before installation, please clean the wall of dust, water stains, keep the wall clean and dry.

2. Suitable for tiles, glass, any metal, wood, plastic surface etc.

3. Can be remove easily. Heat with a hair dryer for 20 seconds, then take it down.

4. At least wait for 6 hours before use to get best performance.

Thumbs Up Adhesive Hook


Material: Silicone
Size: 1.8 inch x 0.9 inch

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