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Wonderful Toys
Wonderful Toys

Wonderful Toys

Q1: How to use Exciting egg series products.

A;First, remove the outer wrapping paper and open the plastic egg-shaped shell.Inside is an EGG gel and a bag of grease. Grease the EGG gel and put the front end in.The Egg is made of a super elastic material, and it is stretched and rotated.

Q2: Can Exciting egg products be used repeatedly?

Answer: the egg shaped device series and the cup series are the same, can be reused .

Q3: Exciting egg Series is small in size, can it cover?

A: The Egg Shaper series is made of super elastic material and can contain 500ml plastic bottles.It is also possible to focus on the anterior end of the stimulation.

Q4: Is the Exciting egg Shape Series electric?

A: Non-electric.Feel free to fiddle with it as you like.

Q5: There are 6 kinds of Exciting Egg, and what are the differences?

A: The structural details on the inside of each of the six Tengaegg series are different.Different details, you can experience different sense of use.

Q6: In terms of safety, the raw material does not contain any PVC and other substances that may affect the human body.

Answer: U.S. exciting is a product for large size people. Any size under 18.5cm .In addition, people of general size can also experience the strong vacuum feeling required by this product.

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